History of Karankawas

The Gulf Coast Tribe of Texas

The Karankawa people predominantly lived by the coast and would come in about 200 miles to hunt and trade, depending on the season. The Karankawas occupied the coast area from Galveston Bay down to Corpus Christi Bay.

Each clan lived near a river.

The Karankawa Clan Copanes (Hawk) in Corpus Christi Bay lived near the Nueces River. Other tribes in the area were, Lipan Apache, Comanche, Tonkawa, Pamaque (Coahuiltecan).

The Karankawa Clan Cocos (Coyote) clan in Galveston Bay lived near the San Jacinto River. Other tribes in the area were Akokisa, Garza Band (Coahuiltecan), Ishak, and Bidai.

These two clans are currently in litigation against the Army Corps of Engineers, challenging the 404 dredging permit to protect the Karankawa Sacred site.